Should You Wear Medical Gloves to Protect from Coronavirus?

Should You Wear Medical Gloves to Protect from Coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to ravage the world. Here in Germany, we have lost our jobs, loved ones, and some of us have their life turned upside down. What’s worrying is that the COVID-19 pandemic does not seem to go away any time soon. We’ll probably have for a couple of years or until the cure is discovered.

With the high rate of virus transmission, the best defence is protecting ourselves. Public health experts recommend that we keep washing hands with soap and running. With washing hands or using sanitizers, you’ll get rid of the virus in the hands. They also recommend that we wear masks in public to reduce transmission.

Surgical gloves are also recommended as a form of protection against coronavirus. But this method has been misunderstood and could be the cause of high COVID-19 cases in Germans. It is common to see people wearing gloves in supermarkets in Germany but it’s not recommended.

Why Should You Avoid Gloves in Public?

a businessman wearing medical gloves

Most people wearing gloves in public spaces, such as supermarkets, don’t know that gloves do not protect them from getting the virus. In fact, they are not aware that latex gloves put them at more risk of getting infected. Wearing latex surgical gloves provides a false sense of protection, which puts the user at a higher risk. They keep touching their faces with latex gloves hence infecting themselves.

Just like bare hands, gloves get infected with the virus. If you touch an infected surface while wearing gloves, they will collect the virus. That’s how people get the virus without knowing. So, to avoid complacency, just don’t wear gloves. But there are exceptional cases WHEN you need to wear latex medical gloves.

When You Need to Wear Surgical Gloves

There are special situations that you need to put on gloves. These are situations where the risk coronavirus contamination is very high. Here are some of the situations you need medical gloves:

In Hospitals

women in hospital.

If you work in the hospital as a doctor, nurse, and so on, then you need to buy surgical gloves in Germany. This is very crucial to protect you from coronavirus and from passing virus to others. If you are taking care of coronavirus patients, the risk of getting infected is very high.

So, you need to wear gloves to reduce contamination. Anything from the door locks, bed, chairs, plates, and cups in the patient’s room could be infected. You also need medical gloves when handling COVID-19 patient’s fluids, including saliva, stool, blood and so on. It’s also possible to pick and pass the virus to other patients you’re attending.

So, you need surgical gloves while in the hospitals protect yourself and other people from COVID-19. Use one pair of disposable surgical gloves per task to reduce contamination. It helps to reduce contamination. Make sure that you’ve put it on and removed it properly.

Food Preparation

If you’re working in the food industry, such as restaurants, the risk of coronavirus is also very high. Similarly, the risk of passing the virus to others is also pretty high. That’s why surgical gloves are recommended, especially for the preps of ready to eat food.

man prepare food with medical glove

To reduce contamination, public health experts recommend a pair of food preparation gloves per task. Wash your hands with soap or use sanitizer after removing the gloves.

As long as the COVID-19 threat is still active in Germany, we need to protect ourselves. But for those in working in hospitals and the food industry, surgical gloves are our first line of defence. But make sure that you’re using the best quality nitrile or latex medical gloves.

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