10 Simple Ways To Keep The Family Safe And Healthy During Pandemic

10 Simple Ways To Keep The Family Safe And Healthy During Pandemic

Pandemics can be scary and frustrating, especially when it is new, and there is no known cure for it. It creates a lot of fear and certainty for families. A good example is the new COVID-19 coronavirus that has put everything around the world to a halt since late 2019. But how do you keep everyone in the family safe and healthy during the pandemic?  

Well, there are several things that you must get right for your family to survive a pandemic. The most important thing is to reduce exposure, especially where the disease is transmitted from one person to the other. Here are 10 simple ways to help get your family through a pandemic:  

1. Look After Yourself First  

To take care of the rest of the family, you must start with yourself. Keep safe by observing all measures provided by health experts. One of the crucial things that you need to observe is social distancing. Most pandemics such as COVID-19 are transmitted from one person to the other, and that’s why social distancing is highly recommended. This means you need to avoid public spaces to reduce contact. You must also avoid hugs and handshakes. Instead, you can adopt waving, nodding, Namaste, and so on for greeting.  

2. Home Meal Delivery Services  

Observing the social distancing and isolation rule goes beyond greetings. It also includes cutting your family from social places such as supermarkets and grocery stores for food. Home meal delivery is one of the best tips to keep your family safe and healthy. You just need to order for home-delivered meal parks from a reputable service provider. Art of Catering is one of the companies that specialise in home delivery meal packs. They offer a range of menus. You should try them.  

3. Take Care Of the Elderly  

Because of their deteriorating immunity, elderly citizens are more likely to be affected by the pandemic. Statistics from COVID-19 shows that the elderly make the largest group of the dead. Social isolation of the elderly is crucial as it reduces the possibility of exposure to the disease. However, you can phone call, text, or email to know how they are doing. Any symptom, no matter how mild it appears, should be checked by a physician immediately.  

elderly woman with mask walking her dog

4. Address Fears  

One of the main things that pandemic causes in a family is fear and uncertainty. If not addressed promptly and properly, it can cause psychological problems. For example, some people may think that testing positive for COVID-19 is a death sentence. But that is not the case. So, you need to address fears to reduce anxiety. Answer all the questions simply and honestly. It is also important for the family to know that everything is and will be OK.  

5. Keep Heath Routines  

Keeping healthy routines is crucial when dealing with a pandemic. With the normal routine disrupted, you need to come up with a new routine that will keep the family healthy both physically and mentally. If you are staying at home, you need a new routine that improves your health. First, you need to have breakfast, lunch, and supper at the right time. The routine should also include a work out to keep your body fit. Note that to improve your immunity, you must keep the body fit.  

6. Observe Your Diet  

The other thing that you need to take seriously is the diet. While staying at home, you are likely to get your diet plan wrong. That’s why some people are adding weight during this COVID-19 pandemic. What you need to come up with is a diet plan that takes into account the now less active lifestyle. You might need the help of a dietician. A good diet plan during the pandemic should have a low-calorie meal, but rich in fruits, herbs, and vegetables.   

7. Wash and Sanitise Your Hands  

One of the rules of thumb during a pandemic is washing or sanitising your hands. This is important because the germs and viruses are mostly transmitted through hands. For the case of COVID-19, if a person sneezes into the hand, they will pass on the virus to everything they touch. That’s why washing hands regularly with soap and water recommended. If you don’t have water and soap, you should use sanitizer to kill the virus. So, if you are not in quarantine, wash your hands or sanitise them regularly.  

8. Avoid Touching Your Face  

woman in home quarantine

If you are still going to work or moving to public spaces, you must avoid touching your face. It has been proven that most germs and viruses get into our bodies through moist parts of our face such as the mouth, nose, and eyes. So, if you have come across an infected person or a contaminated surface, you will collect the virus with your hands. That’s why experts are warning against touching your face, especially when in potentially contaminated environments.  

9. Self-isolation  

Self-isolation is another effective way to keep everyone in the family safe and healthy during the pandemic. If one of the family members is exposed, they should be kept in isolation for the recommended number of days. Isolation helps to reduce the rate of transmission of the pandemic. Once the isolation period is over, and they test negative, they can join the rest of the family.  

10. Share Positive News  

Last but not least is giving your family hope. You need to let them know the situation is improving. If there is reliable information about the positive progress in the fight against the pandemic, let them know. This includes the number of people who have recovered from the pandemic and so on. Such positive news will help relieve anxiety and stress.  

During the pandemic, the family should always come first. You must take all measures possible to keep them safe from the disease. There are many ways you can achieve that, but with these ten tips, you will have everyone in the family is safe and healthy during the pandemic. 

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