10 Major Health Diseases Affecting The World In 2019

10 Major Health Diseases Affecting The World In 2019

The world continues to face multiple health threats ranging from drug-resistance pathogens to vaccine-preventable diseases. What’s worrying is the number of people dying from these diseases, despite the current advancement in medical technology. Although some of these threats have been contained, we have several cases that have taken years for medical experts to figure out how to contain or treat them. In this year, the world health organization has compiled a list of top threats to global health.

In this guide, we have listed 10 major health diseases affecting the world in 2019. These are current epidemics that have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the major threats to global health in 2019.

Here are the 10 of the many global health threats 2019 in no order.

#1 – Global Influenza Pandemic

Who would have expected that the world would be staring at another influenza pandemic? Well, WHO has already warned that we are likely to experience yet another influenza probably in 2019 but the exact time and severity of the disease is yet to be determined. Although the World Health Organisation is constantly monitoring the circulation of the virus, the impact could be huge when it pandemic strike. The good news is that there are vaccines and antiviral treatments to help control the influenza virus.

#2 – Non-communicable Diseases

Over the years, non-communicable diseases have remained a major threat to global health. The number of deaths caused by these diseases has been on the rise with the young population falling victim. Diabetes, heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis are among other chronic diseases forms the biggest threats. According to WHO, these diseases are responsible for 70 percent of the world’s deaths. Unfortunately, most of these lifestyle/ non-communicable diseases have no cure, and that is what makes them a major threat. However, they can be managed by living a healthy lifestyle.

#3 – Antimicrobial Resistance

The antivirals and antibiotics have been said to be some of the greatest success in modern medicine. However, the emergence of bacterial and virus resistant to them is getting public concerned. That is why WHO has listed antimicrobial resistance as one of the greatest threat to world health. The virus and bacteria causing infections are becoming difficult to treat with conventional medicines due to this resistance. That means we are going to back to the time when malaria, salmonella, pneumonia, and tuberculosis were difficult to treat. That is why we should get worried.

#4 – Ebola

Ebola is one of the high pathogen epidemics that continues to threaten the world health. In 2018, the Democratic Republic of Congo experience two Ebola outbreaks that thundered through heavily populated cities killing people. Liberia and Sierra Leone have also experience Ebola outbreaks that killed thousands of people. There is no effective cure and vaccines for Ebola, and that is why it remains one of the biggest threat. However, a lot of progress has been made again Ebola pandemic.

#5 – Dengue

current dengue epidemic

Dengue is another global health threat with an estimated 40 percent of the world’s population at risk of contracting it. The mosquito-borne disease is common in India and Bangladesh, where 20 percent of those affected dies. So if 40 percent of the world’s population is affected, then you can imagine how many millions of people the epidemic would wipe out. With ineffective treatment and vaccination, Dengue remains as one of the major diseases affecting the world in 2019.

#6 – Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Despite the progress made against HIV, medical scientists have been unable to get a cure for this disease. Although the severity of HIV has been reduced significantly using antiretroviral approach, it is estimated that about a million people die of HIV/AIDS every year. The disease continues to spread across the world, though at a slower pace compared to a decade ago. The fact that no cure has been found makes it one of the global health threat in 2019.

#7 – Cancer

Cancer has become one of the scariest terms in the world. It is one of the diseases that is killing most people across the world today. Unfortunately, medical scientists are still struggling to find a cure. Cancer disease is complicated with hundreds of types of these diseases, making it difficult to deal with. However, a lot has been achieved in the prevention and detection of cancer in an early stage. That is how it is getting contained. But we have made significant strides in medication to reduce cancer severity.

#8 – The Opioid Epidemic

The term opioid epidemic or opioid crisis has become a hot topic in the media. It refers to the growing number of deaths and hospitalization from opioid. Opioids are drugs that are used as pain relievers but have been abused, resulting in several health complications, including addictions. It is estimated that more than 2.6 percent of Australians become long term users over a year. According to ABC NEWs, more than 1000 people die from opioid-related cases every year in Australia. A similar pattern is seen across the world. That is why the opioid epidemic is one of the infectious diseases that are a world health threat.

#9 – Vaccine Hesitancy


Vaccine hesitancy is another health threat that has made to the list of diseases affecting the world in 2019. This is a rising condition where vaccines are reluctant or refuse to work. The condition is growing at a worrying rate, especially in children, and that’s what getting medical experts concerned. With vaccine hesitancy, it is becoming difficult to treat vaccine-preventable infectious diseases such as measles. Breakout of measles in the US is one of the best examples. Therefore, with the rise of infectious diseases, this is definitely one of the biggest global health threats in 2019.

#10 – Candida Auris

Candida Auris is an infectious disease that has got health experts concerned. It is a type of yeast that is often multi-drug resistance, making it difficult to treat. In addition, candida Auris is not easily identified and may require very advanced technology to detect. It is easily transmitted, and thus, it can affect a huge population considering that it is difficult to identify with typical medical procedures. That is why it has been listed as one of the major threat to world health in 2019.

These are just 10 of the major health diseases affecting the world in 2019. However, there are always new developing threats garnering medical experts’ attention. There are also many diseases on the radar. That is why you should always get informed, especially if you love travelling around the world.

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