What’s Making Health Global?

There was a time when we were all connected.

All the world’s continents were once joined.

All of humanity originated from one place.

Like the continents, we gradually drifted apart. We spread to the ends of the earth – a diversity of cultures, language and traditions emerged.

We now stand at the dawn of a new age. Advances in communication, travel and co-operation between governments have shrunk our world and connected us anew.

We all share a warming atmosphere. We all share in the global economy.

Our fates, our futures, our challenges and our dreams are intertwined.

We are all connected.

AIDS, SARS and Swine Flu tell us that we do share bad health. It is time that we used our wisdom and wealth to make good health global.

In September 2010, world leaders gathered at the United Nations to discuss progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, designed to halve global poverty, improving global health. In the lead up to this crucial event, representatives from the world’s non-government organizations assembled in Melbourne to discuss these same themes at the 63rd annual United Nations DPI-NGO Conference.

Through the Making Health Global website you have the opportunity to continue to interact with the themes of the UN DPI/NGO Conference conference. You can see all of the major news and outcomes that came out of the conference on this web site – and updates on where we stand now.

This website acknowledges the power of modern communication, where everyone can or should participate. We just wanna make a difference and it all starts from campaigning health globally.